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name: colville

town/city: london

postcode: w11

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Ladbroke Grove

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shabby chic notting hill house with great daylight. interesting props and great kitchen-living area. small outside cobbled garden.

Kitchen with white floor
Range cooker with stool
Pots and pans with shelving
Cooking utensils
Shelves and base unit
Door leading to garden
Pile of towels and some glass jars
Stool with branch and shelving
Base unit with sink
Stone basin with plant
Chrome tap with bowl of fruit
Bottles of wine and plates
White ceiling with ornate cornice
Pantry with silver fridge
Small stools with white floor
Sofa with coloured throw-overs
Wooden chair with brown tag
Archway in living room
Staircase with handrail
Large bay window and furniture
Dumbbell shaped stool
Piles of magazines on floorboards
Black piano with chair
View of the street with grand piano
Sunlight on wall with mannequin
Brown cabinet with ornaments
Blue bottle and typewriter
Mirrored cupboard with chair
Entrance hall with banister
Ground floor with view of basement
White brick wall under stairs
Planks of wood on floor
Basement room with exposed wooden beams
Rolls of paper underneath window
Large swivel chair on wheels
Window with metal bars
Working area with desk and chair
Art supplies and photos
Mini library with pictures
Shelving with window sill
Wooden steps and view of lower floor
Door with printed yellow pane of glass
Pink wall with washbasin
Tin rolltop bathtub with white towel
Mustard coloured tiles with bath
Paper mobiles with double bed
Decoration hanging from ceiling
Master bedroom with ceiling light
White tub with black surround
Bathroom with white sink
Wooden staircase and cobbled patio
Large copper vase with stone pots
Garden wall and tree
Black bench on gravel area
White brick wall with kid's play area
Courtyard with small fence
Seating area with tree roots
Overhanging trees with sky
Balcony with two chairs
Ladders on concrete foor
Rear view of the property
Exterior of the house
Front door with pink porch