Photo Shoot Locations

SHOOTFACTORY location agency & library offers a vast selection of photo shoot locations in London, the UK and internationally.

Our Photo Shoot locations are suitable for stills, fashion, celebrity and beauty shots, as well as interiors photography. Our clients say we offer the most photogenic and stylish shoot location in the UK. Shootfactory enjoys a long-standing relationship with location managers, photographers, stylists, art directors, production managers and creative agencies.

We help UK and international clients find the UK’s most beautiful, lifestyle locations; in fact we can help a client find every style of location in London, and around the UK for photo shoots.

London Photo Shoot Locations:

Apartment Locations House Locations
Photographic Studios Commercial & Industrial Locations

UK and International Photo Shoot Locations

We represent a huge selection of photo shoot locations to hire, across the UK and internationally.

Our UK shoot locations range from stately homes, barn and church conversions, industrial properties, seaside cottages and simply unusual.

UK Photo Shoot Locations:

UK Location Houses Country Houses Beach House Locations
Quirky & Unusual Locations Contemporary Shoot Location City Views London


To find your ideal location try our Location Search, where you can search by, area, type, style, decor, even the views.

The international properties we have chosen to represent have been selected not only for their extraordinary aesthetics from castles, villas, seaside houses and manor houses but also due to ease of communication with the owners or representatives, and their cooperation with assisting with all aspects of hire abroad.

If you’re looking for something extra special then give the team a call and we’ll see what we can find for you

Your Photo Shoot Location

With reference to photo shoot locations, we have a constant stream of locations added to our location library.

We have added the photo shoot locations and categorised them into London apartments, London houses and other UK houses, which means the whole of the UK.

Our Location Search allows you to find the perfect photo shoot locations depending on your requirements; distance, nearest tube stop, building type, interior style.

Booking a Photo Shoot Location

The easiest way to book one of our locations for a photo shoot is to email your brief. This allows us as a location agency to suggest photo shoot locations that match the description and look similar to the properties that you provide as a brief.

You will deal with one of our location agents, who will email suggestions to you. We advise you to go and recce the location house before you ask to book. In this way, we can ensure the photo shoot location is the best location we have on our website and your photoshoot will run smoothly.

We will ask to see proof of your Public Liability Insurance before we ask you to sign a contract of location hire. We will email you location house rules and directions for the team going to the shoot location.

Email your Brief

Photo Shoot Location Tips

SHOOTFACTORY location agency suggests the following few steps to make sure you have the best experience at one of our photo shoot locations:

  • read the house rules before arriving – this prevents any mistakes regarding the location house rules.
  • use tennis balls under the legs of tripods to prevent scratches on the floor
  • if a model is wearing heels, it is best to remove them when not in shot to prevent marks to the floor
  • cover light coloured furnishings to prevent colour transfer especially with blue jeans
  • take photographs of the location house upon arrival so that the team can refer to them before leaving



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To find your ideal photo shoot location try our Location Search, where you can search by, area, type, style, decor, even the views.