Press Event Locations


SHOOTFACTORY Location Company presents new and original venues and public spaces to hold your events.


We have year's of experience within event management and offer an extensive selection of glamorous, original and unique venues.


From Press event locations, product launch locations to fashion shows, we have worked with the most famous brands to ensure they hold the best press event location to the public and associated trade.


Our client list remains confidential but our experience with PR companies and event specialists use our location agency for press event locations.


Please email or call SHOOTFACTORY location agency with your brief.


Types of Press Event Locations


Our press event locations are mostly in London where the demand generally is. We have a good working relationship with venue owners and we are happy to recommend productions companies, caterers and furniture suppliers.


We have sourced press event locations for international clients who want a central venue where London's media are happy to attend. We have learned the importance of distance from Covent Garden and how the exterior of a press event location is as equally important as the interior.


Of note, our industrial spaces are often a good alternative to the classic Georgian style location houses. We find that creative agencies prefer the quirkier press event locations to the traditional ones and are therefore, happy to travel slightly further than Covent Garden for that unique space


Booking a Press Event Location


The most important factor when choosing a press event location is the LOCATION. Here at SHOOTFACTORY, we have experienced location agents who have worked at venues in London and understand how important it is to find a central venue. Once you have viewed the press event location and your team is happy that it is unique and central enough to attract representatives of the relevant media, then we make the process of booking very simple.


• define the dates of hire

• factor in dress and preparation times before the event days

• allocate enough hours before the start of the event and the extra time needed when the guests have gone

• factor in a re-instatement day to allow time for the space to be returned to the owner in the state it was hired

• allocate adequate security and concierge services

• vet the catering company and test the food on offer



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