Whether you own a small basement flat in London or a glamorous villa in South Africa, the basic tips as a location owner for photo shoots, TV and film remain largely the same.

Tips for Location House Owners

1 – clean and tidy – please make sure all your personal belongings are put away!  Don’t forget to hide that pile of ironing… 2 – provide teas and coffees to the team, it makes them feel welcome and at ease. 3 – cover with material your items that may easily stain or get damaged; the team can easily remove any cover for the shot that they need. 4 – make sure you understand what areas of the home are required and what they will be doing there; ask your agent as they will know; it makes you les anxiuous. 5 – make sure you give the client your mobile number so that the client may contact you if they cannot find something.   Have a great shoot and enjoy location work! 0207 252 3900 +Jonathan King