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name: acorn

town/city: london

postcode: se23

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Honor Oak Park

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london, nw2

location house with retro decor. exposed wooden floors, neutral decor and unique pieces which make great props for the shoot. interesting wallpaper and furniture.

Sofa with one cushion
Sculpture and curtain
Double doors and coffee table
Light fitting and coving
Fireplace and fairy lights
Rug with brown leather chair
Brown wooden floor
Radiator with mirror
Wicker table with cubes
Living room wide shot
Candles with reflection
White bowls on mantlepiece
Net curtain and handle
Wire sculpture hanging on wall
Bookshelf with magazines
Kitchen cabinets
Bed looking out at garden
Fridge against yellow wall
Photo collage and microwave
Pots on worktop
Oven and pattern on wall
White cupboard doors and fruit
Sink with silver taps
Side unit with sliding doors
Chandelier in the bedroom
Bed with square coffee table
Animal rug with cushions
Orange vases on tiles
Small study desk with white lamp
Bird cage and white chair
Grey rug and oak floorboards
Side tables against white wall
Bedroom with pink walls
Bed with white sheets
Dreamcatcher with white wicker chair
Pink candle with glass bottle and lamp
Stacked pillows with white animal rug
Handbag on hook and patterned wallpaper
Patterned lampshade on white table
walled garden