Learn to speak “ULL”…

Learn to speak 'ULL blog post

On my way back to the car on Friday after checking in on the renovation work that is been carried out on our new northern studio space. #TheWarehouse.

I came across a bench covered in “Ull”isums…

“Dernt nerr”


“Giz a skeg”

This made me laugh – because, if your not from around this part of the world, you may not have heard these words before, let alone understand the meaning of them.

It’s impossible to live in Hull and not hear words such as ‘err nerr’ or ‘shurrup’. So, we’ve compiled a guide to the pronounciation and usage, listing just some of the words and phrases used in Hull.

This guide could be useful tool when you are speaking to one of the bookings team.

A guide to Hull’s dialect, pronunciation and usage…


  • Ellur, arm from ‘ull – Good morning, I am from Hull
  • Summatup? – Is there something troubling you?
  • Canaborryit? – May I borrow it?
  • It’s marnanall – I am claiming joing-ownership
  • Shurrup orral bray yer – I recommend that you stop talking immediately
  • Yer for-ever mernin’ – You do complain a lot
  • Ayer gorra bruvva? – Have you got a male sibling?
  • Watsyer bruvva carled? What is his name?
  • Ner smurkin’ – You are not allowed to smoke
  • Arm off erm now, tarrar – An indication of imminent departure

Learn to speak 'ULL blog post

Family Life…

  • Stop balling yered off! – Be quiet!
  • Mimmams gunner chowatmi – I shall be in severe trouble with my mother
  • She’s rurin’ ered off – She is very upset
  • Urmanaway – Australian Soap Opera
  • Fern Curls – Telecommunications. See also Curdlessferns
  • ‘Ull Delly Mell – Local newspaper

Learn to speak 'ULL blog post


  • Gizza pennith ‘gammy fruit – Could I please have some of those bruised apricots
  • Ar gorrit for narn narty narn – It cost me nearly ten pounds
  • I gorrit for nowt – I did not pay anything
  • It dunt tek farvs – This vending machine will not take my 5p coin
  • Goin’ on rerd – Goind shopping
  • Chantsav – as above
  • ‘ezzle rerd – Local thoroughfare
  • Boyziz – Local chain store
  • ‘ammonds – as above
  • British Erm Stairs – as above
  • Curlslur – Sliced cabbage
  • Kaylie – Sherbert
  • Spanish – Liquorice
  • Broken biccies – Damaged confectionary
  • Serp on a rerp – Cleansing bar on a string

Learn to speak 'ULL blog post

Threats and insults…

  • Worrawolly – I feel this person has made a fool of himself
  • I’ll bray yer eddin’ – I may become agressive
  • E ad a right skate god – He was rather loud mouthed
  • I’ll clip yer lug ‘ole – Do be quiet
  • Shut yer cake ‘ole – as above

Learn to speak 'ULL blog post

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