Victorian Double Front Semi Detached on the end.

This London location property has 6 bedrooms, good size garden incorporating a “ living wall” and large patio with Water feature

The ground floor has direct access from the driveway (step free) in to the boot room, pantry in to the 1000ft kitchen, reading nook and wine room with Crittal doors. The kitchen island faces the garden (stove built into the island) with the ovens behind the island.

There is a gas fire in the read nook. Picture window overlooking the living wall.

Downstairs loo, Music room with Crittal doors and double lounge/tv room.

First ½ floor has bedroom/ bathroom and kids tv with access to the roof if needed shots into the garden.

1st floor is the master suite. Open plan bedroom/ office  with large walk in closet and master bath. The open floor plan leaves plenty of space for cameras.

The next level is a bedroom with a mezzine/ velux windows and hanging chair and ensuite bathroom.

Top floor is the loft – 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

There is space on the driveway for 2 cars with free street parking. No restrictions.

Photographer: Richard Oxford


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