The Lodge Hassocks, BN6


Completed in Summer 2016 and featured on Grand Designs. The Lodge is a 400sqm barn construction nestled within the South Downs National Park.

Black zinc cladding and large window openings are nods to the agricultural setting of the house, while its brickwork plinth has been painstakingly and beautifully handcrafted with a contemporary twist on the traditional brick diaper pattern, commonly found in the local area.

More than anything, however, this is a hard-working family home which manages to combine both ‘wow’ moments with everyday practicality. On top of this, it has bucketloads of charm and personality. Various secret passageways and staircases mean you can pop through a bookcase on the ground floor and come out into the playroom on the top floor, ensuring the kids will be impossible to find before the school run. There’s also a pull-out stage in the playroom, complete with red velvet curtain, along with a James Bond-style escape pod in the roof for when it all gets too much.

The property can accommodate parking for up to 15 cars.


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