Situated by a babbling brook, the sauna was made to be the perfect place for you to relax your mind, body and soul while taking in the beauty of the forest and fields beyond through the perfectly framed picture window.

The design has been made with great care to ensure an optimum blend of warmth and ambiance from the cozy wood burning stove, while taking in the fresh forest air.

The sauna location has been carefully designed and constructed by Built Works, a RIBA chartered architecture and design practice based in London and the Lake District. 

The project has been centred around creating a serene and calming atmosphere through references to traditional Japanese design principles. The stunning woodland setting establishes a tranquil and peaceful environment for guests and the design builds directly from this.

The cladding is composed of several different wood types, with exterior walls finished in red stained larch and the interior a traditional alder. The floor is covered with a traditional slatted board made bespoke to the project. The only element within, except for the wood burner itself, is a monolithic bench made from windfall off an adjacent beech tree. 

The structural frame is also made from timber and utilises a lightweight space frame to support the roof and create facade accents. Along with the timber construction, a combination of sheep’s wool insulation and recycled plastic insulation has been used throughout to keep the environmental footprint as low as possible for the build.

As part of the sauna experience there is a matching deck outside with a cold water shower branching off the remnants of the windfallen beech tree used on the saunas interior. A recycled wine barrel has been cut into the deck to form a plunge pool for cooling off between saunas.

Images displayed on this website are intended to illustrate the style and general overview of the locations. 

It is not a photographic catalogue of the exact decor and furniture; which are subject to change, movement or replacement. 

Any specific requirements must be checked prior to committing to a hire.

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