Chrisanne Clover Dance Couture Photo Shoot at Lordship London

SHOOTFACTORY’s Lordship location house was the recent photoshoot location for Chrisanne Clover dance couture Espen range.

Chrisanne Clover Espen Range PhotoShoot

CHRISANNE CLOVER offers quality fabrics, individual trimmings, glamorous crystals to unique Haute Couture gowns, modern dancewear and menswear. This unstoppable new company is a one-stop shop for any dancer, dress maker, designer and all-round creative dream-maker.

PhotoShoot Location


Location: London, N16

Large Victorian location house in London spread over four distinctly styled floors. Level 1, 60’s futuristic, white, light, cavernous space, sophisticated, cool, disco vibe.

Level 2, french grandeur, elegant 50ft reception room with 11ft ceilings and fantastic natural light, antique chateau panelling, working fireplaces, decorating allowed.

Level 3, feminine, light and airy interconnecting rooms with french doors to pretty roof terrace, two fireplaces, ornate plaster panelling.

Level 4, glamorous james bond bedroom,fab 70’s bed, 15ft beaten copper wall, groovy props.


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