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Photo Shoot & Filming Location Agency – a Cut Above the Rest

Photo Shoot & Filming Location Agency – a Cut Above the Rest

At SHOOTFACTORY, we understand the challenges of hosting a film crew. With a team of experienced agents who have worked on both sides of the camera, we know firsthand the disruptions that can occur when forty people show up to film a documentary. However, we also recognise the significant financial rewards of opening your property […]

Tips For Filming In an International Location

Tips For Filming In an International Location

Filming locations are pivotal in movie production, providing the visual backdrop that brings stories to life. A well-chosen location enhances the narrative, adding authenticity and depth to the scenes and captivating the audience’s imagination. While local filming locations offer convenience and familiarity, venturing into international territories presents challenges that require careful planning and consideration. International […]

Top 5 Tips as a Location House Owner

Top 5 Tips as a Location House Owner

Whether you own a basement flat in London or a manor house in the country, these essential tips for preparing your property for photo shoots, TV, and film productions will help ensure a smooth and successful experience.   Tips for Location House Owners 1. Clean and Tidy Ensure your property is spotless and clutter-free. Store […]

How to Choose The Right Photo Shoot Location

How to Choose The Right Photo Shoot Location

Choosing the right location for a photo shoot is a decision that can make or break the outcome of your project. Whether working on a high-profile campaign for a luxury brand or a personal creative endeavour, the setting you select sets your images’ tone, mood, and aesthetic. However, finding that perfect location can be challenging, […]

Filming Locations You Have Never Heard Of

Filming Locations You Have Never Heard Of

Hollywood has long been considered the epicentre of the film industry, renowned for its big-budget blockbusters and star-studded productions. However, the technology and expertise required to create epic movies have spread far beyond Los Angeles, leading to a global expansion of filming locations. Filmmakers increasingly turn to unique and lesser-known destinations to bring their creative […]

What Does a Location Agency Do?

What Does a Location Agency Do?

A location agency links property owners and creative professionals seeking the ideal project backdrop. By representing a diverse portfolio of properties, these agencies provide a curated selection of venues that meet the specific needs of their clients. For property owners, this means a new revenue stream and the opportunity to showcase their spaces in high-profile […]


Location Agency for Photo Shoots, TV and Filming Locations

At SHOOTFACTORY location agency we represent the very best shoot locations that the UK has to offer. Specifically focussed on London, our portfolio displays a strong selection of Residential Property, Photographic Studios and Industrial Locations within London and the surrounding areas.

Our UK locations situated outside of London are chosen for their individuality, and ability to offer something that just isn’t available in London… Stately Homes, Sprawling Countryside, a Private Railway, or four acres of Private Beach… we can provide all of that!

Most commonly used for photographic shoots for Interiors, Fashion and Lifestyle brands, our online portfolio can also be used to find locations for Product Launches, Press and PR Events, Fashion Shows, Music Videos and Feature Films.

Finding Inspirational Shoot Locations in our Location Library

Browsing the website couldn’t be easier. On the homepage you can simply select one of the location categories to view all of the options within that category. Alternatively, if you are looking for something specific then just use the location search to pinpoint particular features of a property and our site will display the locations that match your brief. We’ve gone one further to also provide a quick fire central London map to help you locate the perfectly situated location, when postcode is key.

From Cook Books to VOGUE

Over the years we have and continue to work with some of the world’s best-known brands. From supermarkets to interiors brands, and cook books to the worlds most highly regarded fashion publications
 There isn’t anything we haven’t covered. Our team og location agents have years of experience sourcing and organising locations for the most complex of briefs, and we love the challenge that this brings each day.

What makes a great shoot location?

A successful location isn’t made simply by great style.. SHOOTFACTORY locations are carefully selected for their suitability, and we take into account our clients needs along our knowledge of the industry to ensure that our portfolio includes only the best shoot locations available in London and the rest of the UK.

Do you have a great property?

If you’re the owner of a great property and you think that this is something you might enjoy, then why not ‘register your property’.

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