A five storey detached Regency Naval location property, formerly the Captain of the Dockyard’s residence.

Three of the five storeys have been fully restored to Historic England standards.

The front of the property has 4 visible floors facing SE and to the rear five floors are exposed facing NW.

The property has been restored recently using period appropriate materials and finishes.

Floorboards are exposed and repaired in natural wood or painted in traditional colours.

There are full height original window shutters in 4 of the principal rooms.

Around 700sqm of space is available in rooms of varying size including a large salon room approx 10m x 5m with large double doors opening onto an adjoining room approx 5m x 5m.

Currently, there are two kitchens, one large (to be restored) on the lower-ground floor and one smaller one on the ground floor fully restored as a ‘butlers kitchen’ complete with working dumb waiter.

The central heating and hot water system used period-sensitive radiators throughout with all computer control systems concealed beneath floorboards.

Uniquely, the house is home to an art and antiques dealer and is available in its current setting, completely cleared or dressed with items a large warehouse on the same site.


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