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Commercial & Industrial Photo Shoot, TV and Film Locations to Hire in London

Polished concrete, and in fact concrete in general was an obsession that truly took over in 2015, and we forecast that it will continue throughout 2019 – subsequently industrial locations are in high demand.

In this section of the site we boast industrial spaces ranging from 900 – 7,000 sq ft. All of which offer unique features such as exposed brick, weathered stone, crittal windows, graffiti, and super high ceilings. As this area of the site is made up of so many varied spaces, we can normally find suitable shoot locations for most budgets.

Pay attention when browsing because not all of these are in London. Along with the name of the location is the city and first part of the postcode.

Some options from our studios locations page can also provide the look and feel of an industrial unit so if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, whiz over to our studios page and you might just find what you’re searching for.

As with all of our locations, our team here in the office are best informed to give advice on the locations that could be most suitable for your brief, so to save time, just give us a call or send an email to:, with your brief, and one of the team will make suitable suggestions for you.

Don’t forget that if you prefer to look for yourself, then we also have a Location Search page where you are able to select a particular style of shoot location, or key features to limit your search.