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Freestanding Bath

Photo Shoot, TV, Film Locations with Freestanding Baths

SHOOTFACTORY offers a diverse range of location options that feature freestanding baths, whether it be for a film, TV programme, music video, or photo shoot.

Today’s freestanding baths trend is bringing in some natural materials to the mix.

Continuity is a cool theme in designing interior currently. It involves the use of same material throughout various rooms. For instance- a similar floor tiling across the hallway to dining and living places. Add in some continuity into the bathroom by using similar material for your walls and floors. If you are brave and full of adventure, you can even try continuity in the ceiling!

Everything is in circle-fashion, movies, music and a lot more. Bathroom trends are no exemption. Keep in mind a free-standing bath to bring out the sumptuous style of long past decades.

Another option to the natural aesthetic to the above mentioned natural aesthetic is the archetypal monochrome vibe. Pick a simple colour palette like white then add a touch of black tap ware to allow your bathroom to glean. Photo shoots will capture the brilliance of your space.

The bright, brass structures are presently trending. You won’t have to go overboard; it might be a simple issue of adding in brass taps, an eye-catching light fitting above or a shower head. Make a strong, brass statement in your bathroom. The camera will bring out that brightness and beauty of your bathroom.

2017 has witnessed a growth in the popularity of odd-shaped tiles, like the breathtaking hexagon. This trend is what we foresee continuing through the year.

People can argue that the bathroom is mostly an art and decoration-free space, but you need to regard changing this mindset. A simple, well-installed piece of sculpture or art can turn your bathroom from insipid to beautiful. Take care not to overdo it; sometimes little is a lot.

Floor decorations aren’t seen in bathrooms however they can be just the thing to make yours unique from the rest. Consider going beyond bath mats to simple animal skins, rugs, and wooden platforms. These features are useful for the camera lens. Act bold and put in that distinctive something to the bathroom.

SHOOTFACTORY is here to assist in all aspects of your on-location shoot and well experienced in the industry. We will ensure that your project runs smoothly and will do our utmost to see that your desired results are achieved.

SHOOTFACTORY aims to be as accommodating as possible, but please realise that there are certain properties that do come with restrictions. Make us aware of your needs at the time of enquiry and we will do all that we can do see that they are met.