4 bedroom semi detached location home in North London (N2) and has a private driveway for 3 cars plus no restrictions to the on street parking outside.

It’s a mix of old Victorian and new contemporary finishing.

It has a Sebastian Cox for DeVol kitchen, Microcement floors/worktops/bathrooms, large garden, exposed ceiling beams, original London stock brickwork (internal and external) and a striking black brick wrap around extension and full heigh mezzanine entrance hall.

There is also a fully self contained garden studio (with kitchen & full bathroom) which can be hired separately or in addition to the main house (so it could function as a location space on its own or a directors studio/cast/crew area etc). It’s a mini version of the main house in terms of materials/finishes.

Parking permits to be obtained via the RingGo app

Images displayed on this website are intended to illustrate the style and general overview of the locations. 

It is not a photographic catalogue of the exact decor and furniture; which are subject to change, movement or replacement. 

Any specific requirements must be checked prior to committing to a hire.


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