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Contemporary Photo Shoot, TV, Film Locations for Hire

SHOOTFACTORY offers an extensive variety of contemporary photo shoot and filming locations. Our locations include spacious warehouse conversions to suit the most specialised needs, open studio spaces ideal for music industry shoots, raw industrial locations for edgy looks, and retro locations. Your photo, TV or film shoot will have the exact look you need.

Concrete, particularly the polished variety, became a mainstay in shoots during 2015. This overall trend is very likely to continue through the rest of 2016. Industrial locations, in general, are in high demand.

There are several great uses for these concrete featured locations. They are very easy to customise for the needs of any photo shoot. For the same reason, they’re also ideal for film and TV locations, especially for shoots that require extensive sets. These contemporary locations also make an exciting backdrop for music videos, including videos that feature large-scale dancing scenes.

Contemporary locations provide the space and flexibility required for press events, helping ensure that these events go as smoothly as possible for both executives and reporters. A large space of this type is ideal for product launches that might attract a large crowd. Brand experiences that turn into special events in the own right are also suitable for a contemporary location, especially if entertainment and activities accompany the experiences.


Our team is ready and waiting to help you find the perfect location. If you have specific requirements for your photo shoot, you can be sure we’ll do everything possible to help you find the right location. Make sure you provide enough information when you contact us so we can find out about any special restrictions.

We also offer a Location Search page to use if you prefer to search for these options yourself. It’s very easy to search for what you need by type or narrow down choices using search criteria. We’re here to help you each step of the way.