This Victorian semi-double fronted location house in picturesque West London presents a charming blend of classic architecture and contemporary living. Beyond its unassuming facade lies a surprising modern interior imbued with the laid-back elegance reminiscent of Californian design.

Upon stepping inside, guests are greeted by a striking indoor tree, seamlessly integrated into the living space, offering a unique and captivating element. The interior unfolds into inviting sitting rooms, a spacious entertaining area, and a boot room featuring a meticulously crafted tiled mosaic floor. Natural light fills the home, accentuating the tall ceilings and creating an airy atmosphere.

A calming colour palette of greens and pinks infuses the space with a sense of tranquility, while a beautifully designed staircase leads to five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and versatile living areas spread across four floors. Thoughtfully designed children’s rooms feature bespoke double bunk beds, playful tiles, and charming murals, fostering creativity and comfort.

The master bedroom serves as a serene retreat, boasting an organic bathroom adorned with natural stone accents and a standalone bath, offering a luxurious escape within the comforts of home.

This sun-drenched home boasts balconies at both the front and rear, offering ample opportunities for outdoor dining and relaxation. Facing the South East, it receives abundant natural light throughout the day. The rear garden, adorned with pergolas draped in wisteria and roses, creates a charming backdrop for outdoor living.



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