Victorian Properties Available for Photo Shoots, TV and Film

SHOOTFACTORY offers a selection of Victorian properties available to hire for photo shoots, filming locations, press events, product launches, brand experiences, and music videos.

The Victorian architectural era lasted only around 50 years and is, in many ways, a reflection of the dour and formal society that surrounded the reign of Queen Victoria. Some experts say that the style emerged from the introduction of bay windows that prompted architects to re-draw residential floor plans in the shapes of rectangular grids. If you find yourself in a home featuring an entryway on one side rather than the middle, this configuration adds credence to your guess that you’ve identified a Victorian.

Despite a 50-year style span, Victorian architecture somehow managed to assume three distinct schools of design, The Classical Victorian,The Gothic Victorian and The Olde English Victorian.

Locations for Photo Shoots, TV & Filming

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    If you are working to a particular brief, then contact one of our location agency team who will be happy to highlight a selection of properties suitable for the details of your hire.

    Please note that some properties carry restrictions, so you will need to make us aware of your intentions when you contact our team with your enquiry.

    Don’t forget that if you prefer to look for yourself, then we also have a Location Search page where you are able to select a particular style of shoot location, or key features to limit your search.