Victorian mid terraced location townhouse, very striking and original appearance with large gate, dark painted windows, ironwork and unpainted stucco. There is small walled front garden and larger flint-walled garden to the rear with lawn and trailing ivy. 

Lower ground floor level comprises of entrance porch, brick cellar, bedroom, living room, kitchen and shower room, hallway with washing machine and dryer, and a small courtyard to the rear.  

Ground floor comprises main entrance porch, living room, dining room with baby grand piano, hallway with mahogany handrail up the staircase, kitchen and WC. 

Second floor comprises large bathroom with separate glass shower enclosure and separate 1920’s bathtub, double sinks, two bedrooms and hallway

Third floor comprises wood panelled bathroom with freestanding bath and double sinks, and two bedrooms and hallway. 

Original doors, floorboards, plasterwork and fireplaces (ten) throughout. 

Centrally located in Hove, there is on-street parking . Parking bays can be reserved in advance. 



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