Hackney Mill (1200 Sq Ft): This spacious shoot/event space, adorned with original features, offers a unique ambiance for your projects.

This studio offers multiple shooting backdrops, adorned with exposed brick walls, original Victorian doors, crittal windows and rustic beams, providing a diverse canvas. Kitted out with 63A SP, 32A SP and 32A SP and 13A SP power with double access doors straight to the car park for easy load in. An adjoining cocktail bar (200 sq ft) can be added for an extra touch of charm and functionality for a multitude of event possibilities.

The Mill has an integrated high powered Bluetooth speaker system, super fast Wi-Fi internet as well as ethernet port access to our high speed optical fibre internet connection.

Private Car Park (4500 sq ft): The site offers a sizable private car park, ensuring convenient access for your tech vehicles, crew, and attendees. The car park also offers as an additional shooting area for external lighting into the studios as well as electric charging for vehicles.

On-site Café: The on-site café adds a touch of convenience, providing a space to grab a coffee or take a zoom call with strategically placed power sockets and high-speed Wi-Fi, making it an ideal spot

Other Studio’s:

Underground stations

  •  Bethnal Green

Overground stations

  •  Cambridge Heath
  •  Bethnal Green
  •   Hoxton



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