Warehouse Locations for Photo Shoots & Filming

SHOOTFACTORY offers numerous choices and sizes of warehouse locations for every type of photo shoot, film location or event. With dimensions from 900 – 7,000 sq. ft, some remain in commercial and industrial use, whilst others have been converted into luxury residential property.

For sports related features, we boast a fully functional sports hall with floor markings for tennis, netball and other activities. Our workout room is fitted with barrés and bright, suspended ceiling lights with ample room for chunky, fitness equipment. Should you prefer a neglected warehouse setting, we offer a dilapidated interior with rusty, corrugated iron walls. With a little imagination, our buildings can manifest themselves into renovated barns for executive living, a backwash facility for a bus or train station, or a Bohemian artist’s studio.

Attic settings have become popular with certain period episodes, and properties with enormously high ceilings are perfect for simulating castles or Victorian abodes. Many of our other backdrops have exposed brick, smooth plastered walls, rustic stone, even with graffiti, which are much in demand for recording music videos.

Warehouses with Crittal windows are still highly sought after, whether for newer and older settings, because they lend themselves to numerous regions at home or abroad. Other warehouses have little or no windows and those with recessed lighting and sky lights can be concocted for anything your imagination desires. Updated additions to our London collection include spaces with large window panes, support pillars and polished parquet flooring, a very popular and unique setting. Dog legged stairs, metal gated lifts and concrete supports can be utilised for any scene.

If you are working to a particular brief, then contact one of our location agency team who will be happy to highlight a selection of properties suitable for the details of your hire.

Please note that some properties carry restrictions, so you will need to make us aware of your intentions when you contact our team with your enquiry.

Don’t forget that if you prefer to look for yourself, then we also have a Location Search page where you are able to select a particular style of shoot location, or key features to limit your search.