Located slap bang in the middle of Stoke Newington, Stokey is ready to become the centre of whatever universe you create. Fit for film & photography shoots, live events and local classes, our studio space is purpose-built to flex to whatever your creative desires.

The studio space itself is 2000sqft, featuring 4.5-metre high ceilings, exposed brickwork and crittal windows. It looks great in natural daylight but, in the flip of a switch, can look just as good in complete blackout.

We’ve also filled it with everything our in-house professionals have ever needed on a shoot. From cutting-edge power distribution to locally sourced catering, adaptive lighting systems to the best coffee we can find.

Key Features: 

  • Natural Light
  • Skylight

-Blackout Blinds 

-Scaffold rig system 

-Exposed Bricks 

-Underfloor Heating

-Designer Kitchen 

-Terrazzo Kitchen Island 

-Industrial windows 

-Modular Plants 

-Modular Curtains

-Rails and Hangers

-Designer Sofa 

-3 Phase



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