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Exposed Beams

Photo Shoot, TV and Film Locations with Exposed Beams

SHOOTFACTORY offers a range of properties with a variety of exposed beams from wood, concrete, metal in a range of location types. Our location with exposed beam also vary from commercial and industrial properties, converted warehouses, barns and outhouses to barn conversions.

Our dedicated team of professionals are ready and available to assist in your search for the perfect location for your shoot / film project. Let us know your requirements and we will pre-select some highlighted properties that may be suitable.

SHOOTFACTORY is here to assist in all aspects of your on-location shoot and we will ensure that your project runs smoothly and will do our utmost to see that your desired results are achieved.

Exposed Beams & Trusses

Timber framing is a traditional process of framing a structure by using timber supports jointed together with pegged mortise and tenon joints. These supports which were crucial in previous construction methods are now a visual aesthetic and are recreated in modern architecture and interior design.

Multiple trusses in large buildings, particularly barns or churches today are rare in terms of location properties but we do have a selection of period and new properties. We also have a few white washed exposed beam properties if that coastal driftwood feel is what you are looking for.

Exposed beams add a unique visual appeal to properties and your shoot.