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Exposed Brick

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In the annals of décor, exposed brick has navigated its way from trendy to timeless. Today, exposed brick is the ouh là là element in homes, restaurants, galleries and offices around the world. At SHOOTFACTORY, we’re proud to manage a diverse portfolio of photoshoot locations featuring a bit of masonry magic.

A Brief History of Bricks

You might have just chuffed and thought, “I’d rather watch paint dry than read about the history of bricks?” But alas, dear reader, did you know that:

  • Mesolithic hunter-gatherers invented bricks around 7500 BCE — the same year they finally reached Ireland.
  • In pre-modern China, architects and engineers set up high-volume brick-making assembly lines.
  • The 20th century saw a brick building decline, especially after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The tragedy made apparent unreinforced brick’s inability to withstand seismic events.

Exposed Brick: Versatile Design Ambrosia

Throughout history, people have used bricks for both artistic and utilitarian ends. Hampton Court Palace — Cardinal Wolsey’s ‘ole shack, which he eventually “gifted” to King Henry VII — is an intricate masonry masterpiece. On the opposite end of the spectrum, bricks were also a favorite of 19th and early 20th century manufacturing plants thrown up in a rush.

Towards the end of the 1960s, factories started shutting down, and artists began moving in. Voilà, the industrial chic era was born! Instead of covering up masonry with dry wall, loft-dwellers embraced the natural, rugged textures of bricks and raw concrete. To complement the wide-open spaces, early adopters of industrial chic décor furnished their flats with caster-set leather furniture, dominant wood tables and oversized art.

Decades later, the “starving artist” style has stood firm against the winds of passing trends. And these days, Edison light bulbs, exposed brick, and polished steel are the harbingers of elegant, refined style.

Exposed bricks aren’t tethered to the industrial chic décor. Throughout the centuries, builders used masonry to construct everything from farmhouses to banks to townhouses, and the tradition continues. Interior decorators use exposed bricks in all manners of rooms, including rustic kitchens, craft-style living rooms, and spaces that celebrate post-modern minimalism.

SHOOTFACTORY manages dozens of film and photography locations featuring exposed brick, raw concrete and other natural elements. Need a gothic cottage, complete with exposed bricks and cathedral ceilings? We’ve got you covered. Searching for that perfect, modern loft to shoot a fashion spread?

Our dedicated team of professionals are ready and available to assist in your search for the perfect location for your shoot / film project. Let us know your requirements and we will pre-select some highlighted properties that may be suitable.


SHOOTFACTORY is here to assist in all aspects of your on-location shoot and is quite knowledgeable and well experienced in the industry. We will ensure that your project runs smoothly and will do our utmost to see that your desired results are achieved.