Kensal Daylight London, NW10


Part of a group of 6 different spaces all under one roof.

The daylight studio is situated in a private off street courtyard surrounded by high walls and covered 3/4 with a clear and slightly diffused roof. The main shooting area faces south so you get abundant top daylight coming through the diffused roof.

The walls protect you from the wind and we have outdoor heaters available for the colder months. The daylight space adjoins studios 4 and 5 and can be rented as a combination with any of our studios.

There is a power board available should you wish to run extra lighting such as hmi’s. The painted white brick wall can be used as a backdrop, alternatively there are a range of coloramas and flats in-house.

Lighting, digital, set build and catering services available onsite.

These photography studios in London offer a great range of diversity all within the same building.

Kensal Studios:

Underground stations

  •  Willesden Junction



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