This 4 storey location house has been interior designed to offer a large number of shooting options with many original and statement 50’s/60’s/70’s & 80’s furniture/lighting/artwork and ornamental pieces, so for art direction there is plenty to work with.

Showcasing an eclectic mix of design influences from Mid Century right through to modern day, the overall look is rich with character and very stylised. There is plenty of natural light and high ceilings as well as a black out option in the basement. This arresting property situated in East London offers the ultimate in timeless design, visual versatility and production ease.

The house has been designed with productions in mind, there are 2 crew kitchens, hair & make up room, 3 lounges, 1 dinning room, 1 bedroom (with multiple extra bedroom set ups available in all rooms) and two toilets (one with a shower). There is 24hr access, overnight set up available for multiple day booking options and secure overnight storage. There is a car park next to the house with 20+ spaces. There are 3 entrances (2 on the ground floor and one in the basement). 

A large open plan layout on the ground floor is ideal for shooting at over 150 sqm/400 sq ft and very large windows at both ends, there are wooden floors all through the ground floor with high ceilings and plenty of light. There is a separate bar that doubles as a crew kitchen. There are two entrances on the ground floor.

The basement has a second lounge area (which has black out option), staircase, hallway and toilet. With a third entrance door with small covered area (ideal for lighting and equipment)

The 1st floor has a third lounge/dining room with a huge window and again high ceilings. There is a second  crew kitchen on this floor and a second toilet.

The 2nd floor has a bedroom, hair/make up/styling room and landing area.

The whole house is 1620 sq feet with all areas available for use. 

As well as ample parking the property is very well connected for public transport, Shadwell station is a 4 minute walk, Bethnal Green a 15 minute walk, 10  minute walk to White Chapel Station and 15 minutes by bus to Liverpool st Station.

This stunning property is the perfect production friendly space offering plenty of stylish backdrops and in-house ‘props’. 

Clothing rails, hangers, steamer and trestle tables are all available


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