Victorian, semi detached 5 bedroom house with feature courtyard garden. Lots of antiques and interesting objects throughout the location property.

Ground floor: black and white tiled hallway, wide  staircase, under stairs storage and waxed black walls in the  WC, large double arched doors leading to 2 separate living rooms. Open plan living room / dining room leading down into large kitchen with marble and bluestone worktops and limestone brick flooring.  Kitchen opens onto an unusual orangery with large  bronze arched doors / windows on 3 sides..

First floor has 3 double bedrooms, one with feature Kit kemp wallpaper, 2 in neutral tones. Masculine dark brown office with antique furniture and modern artwork, reclaimed glass doors. Smaller child’s bedroom in monochrome neutral tones. Bathroom decorated in neutral monochrome tones with marble detail and flooring.

Second floor is a loft conversion comprising of a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom which has an oversized freestanding bath and walk in shower in black marble. 

Rear garden is surrounded on all sides by tall trees – huge palm, olive and other varieties. Very verdant and oasis-like. Reclaimed York stone floor and cobbles. Unusual pitched roof summer house at the back. Water feature to the side of the courtyard.


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