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White Painted Floors

Location Properties with White Painted Floors for Photo Shoots & Filming

Welcome to our unique selection of location properties featuring one of the most sought-after elements in contemporary design: white painted floors. These properties, meticulously curated from across the United Kingdom, are all available to hire for your next photo shoot or film project.

Our white painted floor locations offer a striking aesthetic that exudes a sense of spaciousness and luminosity. With its capacity to amplify natural light and provide a pristine backdrop, this understated feature offers countless creative possibilities for photographers and filmmakers alike.

Every location in our collection offers a unique interpretation of this aesthetic. From rustic, light-filled barns with their timeless charm to sleek urban lofts providing a canvas of minimalist elegance, white-painted floors lend themselves to a myriad of styles and moods.

Whether photographing a high-fashion editorial, filming a cutting-edge commercial, or crafting a compelling visual narrative, these locations provide a versatile stage. Each space allows you to create and capture a wide range of aesthetics, from the dramatic contrasts of black on white to the more subtle interplay of pastel shades.


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