Semi detached 3.5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms modern family location house in London with compact front and back garden. 

The ground floor comprises of a little porch that takes you to a heart of the house – open plan kitchen, dining room and living area plus a small WC.

Right through the dining room you can access lush garden which is a perfect extension of the living area.

On this floor you will see green micro cement flooring and plywood built in furniture throughout the kitchen, living and dining area.

The last two rooms also have walls and ceilings covered in ply giving a warm effect.

Both rooms benefit from plenty of natural light that get through extra long skylight, bi-fold door and bi-fold window. 

The first floor has two bedrooms, one of which has a bed and the second couple of free-standing furniture easily movable.

This floor also holds an office that is accessible from corridor as well as one of the bedrooms, overlooking green roof.

Shower room with a rooflight creates part of this level and its green shades, similarly to plywood built-in furniture and plywood flooring of the rooms, smoothly joints ground and upper floor.

The second floor has a large bedroom that can be separated into two by 3.5m tall sliding doors creating a bedroom and a baby room.

Floors, walls and ceilings of both rooms are covered with plywood and contain built in furniture made of the same material.

Bathroom with free standing bath benefits from a large skylight and a full wall mirror. 

Both landings have a walk-on glass for extra feeling of connection between different levels as well as floor lights and hidden lighting for softness and warmth.

Plenty of house plants connect the exterior and interior of this unique property. 

Free on-street parking on both sides of the road. 



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