A very unique location property sitting predominantly underground. The added floor doubles the existing areas and provides an extra bedroom, a large living room, lots of storage and a small gym – an exciting and cost efficient achievement in a dense urban residential context.

The important aspects of daylight and natural ventilation have been addressed with a sunken courtyard, carefully positioned walk-on skylights and an abstract ventilation shaft.

The light flooded spaces are completely finished in fair-faced concrete in order to be true to its structure.

Amorphous mirror polished stainless steel details are responsible for the enhancement and deflection of light but also of views to distort and soften the stark concrete. These details come in the shape of a ‘metal waterfall’ under a skylight, integrated sculptures, steel furniture, light fittings and even matching door and cabinet handles.

These manmade materials are then juxtaposed by natural ones: The staircase and some ledges are made of raw-sawn and air dried oak; large integrated rock outcrops and mosses crash through the courtyard into the interior. A fresh snow-like wall forms the split-faced enclosure to the bedroom.

A hanging screen wall and a bridge spanning over the courtyard are clad in light translucent foamed structural aluminium. Both objects are responsible for light to filter into specific zones in an intricate manner.

An organic shaped sofa landscape sit under the raw concrete ceiling. A discrete bar and an integral sound system complete the large entertainment space.

The gym is completely clad in a lattice of mirrors and light which give the illusion of an endless, computer generated nirvana.

There is a drive and paid parking. The nearest stations are Wanstead, Leytonstone and Manor Park.

Parking permits to be obtained via the RingGo app.

Images displayed on this website are intended to illustrate the style and general overview of the locations.

It is not a photographic catalogue of the exact decor and furniture; which are subject to change, movement or replacement.

Any specific requirements must be checked prior to committing to a hire.

Underground stations

  •  Wanstead
  •  Leytonstone
  •  Manor Park

Overground stations

  •  Manor Park
  •  Forest Gate



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