Georgian Properties Available for Photo Shoots, TV and Film

SHOOTFACTORY offers a selection of Georgian properties available to hire for photo shoots, filming locations, press events, product launches, brand experiences, and music videos.

The Georgian architectural period lasted only 140 years, but it managed to create a uniquely distinct profile on the UK landscape. Home silhouettes from this period relied upon early Roman and Greek influence to define overall Georgian style, so if you can imagine a Roman senator or Greek runner entering a front door, you’re well on your way to identifying housing created in that style.

Thank George I for the name Georgian and Italian architect Andrea Palladio for innovating this return to classicism and neoclassicism. It’s best represented in uniform, symmetrical London townhouses bedecked with over-the-top pilasters, mouldings and pediments over doors. Confirm your style hunch by spotting interiors featuring Chippendale furnishings, tranquil colour palates and perhaps a Gainsborough masterwork or two gracing the walls.


If you are working to a particular brief, then contact one of our team who will be happy to highlight a selection of properties suitable for the details of your hire.

Please note that some properties carry restrictions, so you will need to make us aware of your intentions when you contact our team with your enquiry.

Don’t forget that if you prefer to look for yourself, then we also have a Location Search page where you are able to select a particular style of shoot location, or key features to limit your search.