Mint Velvet Denim Collection Shoot in London

Mint Velvet, the brand that revolutionised the Relaxed Glamour concept, had a recent photo shoot at our Three Zero location apartment in London. This marks a new chapter in the brand’s journey, blending its signature style with an architectural masterpiece to create a visual feast that speaks volumes of elegance and sophistication.

Mint Velvet Denim Collection Shoot in London - Shootfactory

Founded in 2009 by the visionary trio Liz, Lisa, and Jane, Mint Velvet emerged from a simple yet profound idea shared over cups of fresh mint tea. The brand was born out of a desire for luxurious, effortless fashion that strays from the fast-paced trends, focusing instead on timeless pieces that exude a relaxed glamour. Now, 13 years later, Mint Velvet is celebrated for its easy shapes, stunning prints, and flattering fits, each adorned with thoughtful finishing touches that underscore the beauty in the everyday.

Mint Velvet is a beacon of Relaxed Glamour, which encapsulates the brand’s ethos: a glamorous sense of style married with a relaxed attitude. This philosophy has not only defined the brand’s collections but has also guided its approach to fashion, ensuring that each piece is trend-aware and timeless, versatile enough to be cherished for seasons to come.

Under the stewardship of CEO Liz Houghton, Mint Velvet has embarked on a journey towards sustainability, rethinking processes to lessen their impact on the planet. This commitment to environmental consciousness is a testament to the brand’s dedication to its customers and the world, promising transparency and progress in its eco-friendly endeavours.

Shoot Location

The choice of Three Zero for Mint Velvet’s latest photo shoot is inspiring. Nestled in the heart of London, this newly renovated heritage conversion is a testament to the genius of award-winning British architects. With a sprawling 127m² open-plan layout, the apartment boasts over 3.6 meters of ceiling height and is adorned with original features such as exposed brickwork and flagstone floors. Its minimalist redesign and continuous planes of sophisticated materials provide the perfect backdrop for Mint Velvet’s latest collection.

Three Zero’s distinct architectural elements, combined with its state-of-the-art lighting system—shared by the world’s most prestigious galleries and luxury hotels—offer an unparalleled setting that mirrors Mint Velvet’s ethos of effortless elegance.



The recent photo shoot showcased Mint Velvet’s newest offerings, perfectly complemented by the Three Zero apartment’s architectural beauty and natural light. The collection, characterised by its easy shapes and beautiful prints, comes to life against the apartment’s minimalist aesthetics and heritage charm.

This collaboration between Mint Velvet and Three Zero symbolises a meeting point of fashion and architecture, where each piece’s thoughtful finishing touches are accentuated by the studio’s meticulous design and luxurious finishes. The setting highlights the brand’s commitment to relaxed glamour and emphasises its dedication to creating versatile, flattering fits that resonate with women everywhere.


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