Net a Porter Cover Shoot with Kate Winslet on Location

Hambrook Barn provided a setting grounded in natural beauty and reflective repose. Its expansive fields, rustic exteriors, and the seamless blend of traditional and modern architectural elements made it an ideal location for capturing Winslet in a series of introspective and radiant portraits.

Under the creative direction of Net-a-Porter’s team, the shoot leveraged the golden hues of natural light and the barn’s pastoral setting to create captivating and ethereal images. Winslet, known for her roles that often juxtapose strength with vulnerability, was portrayed in a manner that echoed these themes. The choice of styling, which included flowing dresses and structured pieces, played off the barn’s textures and landscapes, creating a series of visually striking contrasts.

Net a Porter Cover Shoot Kate Winslet - Shootfactory



The article provided a glimpse into Winslet’s current perspectives on life, career, and the evolving landscape of film and media. It touched upon her advocacy for authenticity, approach to selecting roles, and thoughts on the industry’s future. Winslet’s reflections, paired with the visual storytelling of the shoot, offered readers a multifaceted view of the actress that is rarely seen.

Beyond its role as a backdrop for the shoot, Hambrook Barn is a prime example of Shootfactory’s portfolio of unique locations. Its versatility and aesthetic appeal make it suitable for various photographic and film endeavours, from fashion shoots to cinematic productions. The barn’s blend of rustic charm and contemporary design and its picturesque surroundings provide endless possibilities for creative expression.




The Net-a-Porter cover shoot with Kate Winslet at Hambrook Barn is a testament to the power of location in elevating visual storytelling. Through a blend of Winslet’s compelling presence and the barn’s natural beauty, the shoot achieved a memorable impact that resonates with authenticity and elegance. As Winslet continues to inspire with her career and advocacy, locations like Hambrook Barn remind us of the endless possibilities in the intersection of nature, architecture, and art.


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