Raw House Reimagined from Neglect to Architectural Excellence

Raw House is a testament to the power of vision, creativity, and architectural ingenuity. Once a neglected structure, this semi-detached Victorian gem has been meticulously transformed into a stunning family retreat, setting a new benchmark for residential renovations.

The renovation of Raw House was spearheaded by the homeowner in collaboration with the acclaimed architect Amos Goldreich. The brief was clear from the outset: to create a contemporary, fun, Scandi-inspired family home that embraced the challenges of modern living without sacrificing style or functionality. The result is a property that respects its Victorian roots and introduces a modern aesthetic through its innovative use of materials and design principles.

Raw House Reimagined - Entrance - Shootfactory

True to its name, Raw House showcases a distinctive palette of materials. The renovation embraced the raw beauty of brick walls, concrete floors, and a seamless integration of microcement in both aesthetic and functional applications. This choice of materials pays homage to the property’s historical integrity and introduces a robust and low-maintenance environment suitable for a bustling family life.

At the heart of the Raw House is its kitchen, designed by Sebastian Cox for deVOL. This space is a masterclass in blending functionality with natural beauty, featuring raw, beautiful English carpentry that serves as the family’s hub. The choice of second-hand and high-street finds for furnishings underscores a commitment to sustainability and practicality, further highlighted by the kitchen’s layout and design, which encourages family interaction and engagement.

Raw House Reimagined - Kitchen - Shootfactory

The property’s transformation also includes the ingenious use of space, such as the open-plan studio in the garden. This studio, designed as a temporary housing solution during the renovation, exemplifies flexibility and creative problem-solving. It features a mini kitchen and a pocket door that creates a temporary sleeping area, proving that luxury and comfort can be achieved in compact spaces.

The renovation journey culminated in a home that effortlessly blends its historic charm with contemporary living requirements. The ground-floor front sitting room and Maisie’s bedroom above it retain their original character, while the rest of the house has been reimagined. A mezzanine home office, guest room with smart furniture solutions, and an en suite bedroom with a luxurious freestanding bath exemplify the thoughtful integration of modern comforts and style.




Beyond its role as a family home, Raw House has embarked on a new chapter as a location for TV and film, thanks to its unique character and aesthetic appeal.


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