Mediterranean Style Meets Contemporary Conversion in this Location

Nestled in the tranquil landscapes of Sussex, The Piggeries stands as a remarkable testament to the seamless marriage of contemporary design and the rustic charm of agricultural heritage.

This unique location property, born from the innovative conversion of agricultural buildings, is now a stunning Mediterranean-style location, perfect for photo shoots that want to capture the essence of European elegance and modern luxury.

The Piggeries - Contemporary Conversion Shoot Location - Shootfactory

As you step through the entrance hall, you are immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of light and sophistication. The space opens up, guiding you effortlessly from one side to a quartet of ensuite bedrooms, each meticulously decorated to reflect the warm, inviting hues of the Mediterranean. On the opposite side, the journey continues into an expansive kitchen and dining area, setting the stage for culinary adventures and shared moments.

The Piggeries - Mediterranean Style Interior - Shootfactory

Further exploration reveals a generously sized living room, where floor-to-ceiling picture windows frame the majestic oak trees and sprawling farmland beyond, creating a visual symphony of nature and design. Adjacent to this, a cosy, snug library offers a more intimate setting, providing a quiet retreat for relaxation and contemplation.

However, the true jewel of The Piggeries lies in its exceptional inside/outside flow of living spaces, culminating in the 10×3 meter heated swimming pool. Set against a backdrop of terraced decking adorned with sun loungers and parasols, this outdoor oasis invites you to relax in the landscape, encapsulating the European vibe woven throughout the property.

The Piggeries - Outdoor Swimming Pool - Shootfactory

The Piggeries is more than just a location; it is a canvas, offering creatives a space drenched in natural light, filled with contemporary elegance, and infused with the spirit of the Mediterranean. Whether capturing the intimate details of the interior or the expansive beauty of the outdoor spaces, this property promises a photo shoot location that is as unforgettable as it is versatile.

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