Voted Top 5 to Find a Shoot Location in London (2023)

Finding that perfect shoot location in London for your next shoot can be overwhelming for new creators.

With the abundance of options, photographers, filmmakers, and content creators are often found at a crossroads, looking for the shoot location that matches their brief but coming up short. In a recent roundup of the top places to find a shoot location in London for 2023 by Gramafilm, Shootfactory has been recommended as a “Top 5” choice, solidifying our reputation as a reliable and innovative location agency.

A Legacy of Location Excellence

Established in 2006, Shootfactory has spent over a decade curating an expansive portfolio of over 400 shoot locations, ranging from the quirky and unconventional to the classic and commercial. Our commitment to providing diverse options to creators has resulted in a constant influx of new and exciting spaces, with weekly updates and a helpful mailing list to keep clients in the loop. What sets Shootfactory apart is its intuitive search functionality, allowing users to seamlessly navigate through properties to find a location that perfectly suits their creative vision. With a clientele that includes industry giants such as Adidas, Asos, Ford, Burberry, and Grazia, Shootfactory has proven time and time again that they are one of the best choices for finding shoot locations in London.

A Legacy of Location Excellence - Shootfactory

The Shootfactory Advantage

Shootfactory’s understanding of the unique demands of London’s photography and film industry is evident in their approach to locations. We recognise the need for versatility, variety, and visual appeal in shoot locations, ensuring our portfolio caters to a broad spectrum of aesthetic and practical requirements. Whether you’re looking to capture the raw, urban vibe of a graffiti-covered alley, the elegance of an Edwardian terrace, or the bold lines of a Brutalist structure, Shootfactory has something for you.

Your Location Partner in London - Shootfactory

The 2023 Edition

As we near the end of 2023, finding the right shoot location has never been more paramount. With the creative industry continuously evolving and the demand for high-quality content on the rise, having access to a variety of shoot locations is crucial. This is where Shootfactory shines, earning its recommendation as one of the Top 5 Places to Find a Shoot Location in London. Joining the ranks of other location agencies such as Scouty, Tutti, LC Locations, and Giggster, Shootfactory stands out for its legacy, diversity, and commitment to excellence.

Your Location Partner

In London’s creative scene’s dynamic and ever-changing landscape, having a reliable partner in finding the perfect shoot location is indispensable. Shootfactory, with its extensive portfolio, intuitive search functionality, and legacy of excellence, is a standout choice for creators looking to bring their visions to life.

As we celebrate our recommendation as one of the Top 5 Places to Find a Shoot Location in London for 2023, it’s clear that Shootfactory continues to be a pivotal player in the industry, connecting creators with unforgettable locations across the city.


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