What a Location Agency Can Do For You

You have hired your photographer and models, but have not found that perfect location that will enhance the image.

A location agency finds locations specific to your needs regardless of what those needs are.

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Location Agencies Can …

Advantage #1: Finding A Place

A location agency goes out to find shoot locations every single day. The process of finding a place to shoot a commercial of photo set may sound like an adventure, but the process is much more complicated than you might think. Location agents spend all day driving in the city or countryside looking for just the right place. Your specific needs are taken into account, and the location spends time researching your location before they make visits. The location agent also takes the ideas you have for your photo shoots and incorporates those ideas into their search. When you need a warehouse, the location looks for anything that looks like a warehouse. When you need a location that looks like another continent, the location agent takes that into account.

Advantage #2: Professional Knowledge

Location agents scour cities and country roads looking for the right place to shoot. However, locations that look beautiful are not always conducive to photo shoots and filming commercials. The lighting in the area must be of the highest quality. The lighting must be good during the time of day you wish to shoot, and the location must have relatively good weather. Location agents spend hours at locations they find making sure that the location will work for you. You do not have time to study the weather in the area, to check the lighting or to study the lighting during the course of the day. A location agent knows how to check these things before deciding on the location.

Advantage #3: A Full Report

A location agency provides a full report on every location they find. You get to make the final choice of location, but you make that choice based on a complete battery of information. The lighting during the day is tracked and put in the report. The weather patterns in the area can be found in the report, and a full set of photographs of the area are also included in these reports.

Advantage #4: Full Support

The support that you receive from a location agency does not end until you begin your shoot. The location agency is charged with choosing the locations that you need, but they are also charged with making sure that you are satisfied with the location. If you wish to see the location for yourself, a location agent can take you there. You may also receive a full explanation of the report and creative ideas from the location agent.

Advantage #5: Better Shoots

Using the best location for every shoot improve the overall quality of every shoot. You get better pictures with less film and less time. You end up spending less money on your photo shoots because they do not take as long. Also, the information you receive about the location helps you to plan the photo shoot to be as short as possible. Your business images are dramatically improved when you use a location agent to find the best spot for your next photo shoot. Location agents seek out many different locations, provide you with information on each location and give you the requisite information to make good choices for your next commercial or photo shoot.

Your Location Agency in London

SHOOTFACTORY represents locations in the UK and overseas. The location agency enjoys a long-standing relationship with film location managers, photographers, stylists, Art Directors, production managers and creative agencies.
We have a very good reputation in the industry and maintain a database of locations of a very high standard. We know our location owners very well and pride ourselves in the knowledge of what type of work the owner is happy to accept. Equally, we understand the needs of our clients and work very hard to give correct information to both parties to ensure a very smooth and enjoyable experience. We are a passionate team of location agents who enjoy helping clients to find the perfect shoot location.

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