Location Agency brings HOLLYWOOD to your home!

Would you love to see your home or property in your favourite film?

Like the idea of a photo shoot with your favourite celebrity in your living room?

Your Location Agency

We have many home and property owner on the books of our location agency.   Many home and property owners in the UK have known for a few years that registering with SHOOTFACTORY, one of the UK’s most renowned photo shoot and film location agencies can get their property on the radar screen whenever a photographer, client, stylist or film location manager is scouting.

The ideal location house or property listed on our location agency can make anywhere from £500 – £2500 each day. The economic recession and sluggish housing market have attracted more and more home and property owners to us. Many of our owners claim we are the best location agency, since we are thorough, clear, helpful and caring towards their needs.   Equally, our clients express their satisfaction with the service they receive and return to us with each project.

Location Agency brings HOLLYWOOD to your home! - Shootfactory

Location Agency for London Locations

London is the most popular City in the UK given the selection of properties from houses to industrial sites.   It is where most of the talent and clients are located and therefore, cheaper for a production as it saves costs associated with transport, accommodation. Clients look for many attributes in a location.   There is no typical location house since trends change.   Many ask if they can paint and decorate and of course, return it to how it was found. We are always on the lookout for properties to use as film sets. But how you do put your house forward?

Register your property with our Location Agency

The chances are that if people appear to be a little envious of your home or go out of their way to compliment your style/room sizes/how light the rooms are then you might like to consider registering your pride and joy with a film location agency. For owners located outside London, they enjoy the occasional disruption whilst others pursue a repeated experience as they are located within the M25.

Either way, there are a number of reasons why opening your doors to a film or photographic crew might work for you. Aside from the financial gain, there can be other advantages.   Making your property pay for itself is sensible and it can be very satisfying to see the house pay back some of its repairing and upkeep costs.  

You’ll generally be hosting quite an interesting bunch of people and to top it all you will be able to see your own home appear on a page, television set or big screen at the cinema. Some owners also view location work as an advantage when they come to sell their homes. It can bring a terrific piece of additional marketing for the estate agent when they can say in the details that the property appeared on screen in…

So what do we need from you?

You will need to get together a comprehensive set of images of your home – showing all rooms – downstairs, upstairs and beyond. You may also have cellars, outhouses, extensive grounds, an ice house, ha-ha, etc and all of these areas should be pictured too. From there, the agency will set to work putting you forward for location briefs. Additionally, as your property will be viewable online (with a fake name and no address details). You may well receive an enquiry as a direct result of your property’s promotional page being viewed.  

The addresses of the properties are never published online and within the images, house numbers and car registrations are disguised by the location agency. Once interest is received, the location agent will vet the company, find out more about the proposed project and how it will affect you and then meetings are arranged.  If the production company wish to confirm use of your home the agency should then ensure the owner is supplied with sufficient information about the shoot prior to their arrival with you.

The production company will be asked to provide their current Public Liability insurance in force and a filming agreement will be drafted between yourself and the production company. Facility fee payments should be prompt and a there should be a walk through of the property both prior to the filming starting and at the end with the production company representative to check that they haven’t caused any damage. The potential of damage is off-putting and it is a rarity but with sufficient prior planning the occurrences can be greatly minimised.

If you think you might want to look into providing your home as a potential location then here are some pointers:-

  • Are you located within London/M25/Home Counties? This is an immediate plus point as 80% of the filming takes place here
  • If you’re beyond the above areas then is your home either reasonably substantial in size or has something either very unusual? Perhaps the style is quirky or ultra contemporary or is a fantastic example of a certain period of architecture
  • If the above is looking good for you other plus points include access to good parking as close as possible to the property
  • Getting on with all your neighbours will also be helpful especially if the crew are likely to be noticeable and spend time making telephone calls outside your house.

The majority of shoots will invariably have no more than around 5-12 people on site but when you’re involved with a major production then these numbers can easily reach 50-80 people.


You must include the following in your email otherwise we will not accept your request to register your property.

  •   your full name, address and contact information
  •   a description of the property, including any key features
  •   parking and access information
  •   attach at least 10 images showing both the interior and exterior of the property
  •   tell us where you heard about SHOOTFACTORY

Register your property

Alternatively you can post a memory stick or CD with photographs, along with an accompanying letter including all of the required information, and a contact email address. Please post to:


If you wish to have your memory stick or CD returned, please include a SAE including the correct postage.


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