Earn Money from your Event Space as a Shoot Location

Small Businesses are always looking for an additional revenue stream, but would you call your business premises an Event Space Location, we do!

An Event Space, ( your business premises ) could be just what the next TV, Film, Advertisement or Photo Shoot director is looking for, you would be amazed at what the market is crying out for. Your Event space or Location could be a cafe, bar, wine shop, off licence, car garage, you name it, they could be looking for it.

Could you Benefit from your Location

A typical day for a photo shoot would start at 9am and finish at 6pm. TV and film tend to be longer hours and often will ask for a 12 hour day. A photo shoot is a smaller affair and on average a team of 7 – 12 people would attend, whereas a film averages 30-50 people, of course, the location owner is rewarded financially for the difference and it is true to say that a photo shoot will pay between £500 and £1000 per day and film in excess of £1200.

Examples of our Event Space Locations

To give you a flavour of what locations we have being used as Photo Shoot Locations:

Garage - Event Space Location - Shootfactory


Coffee Shop

Green Cafe - Event Space Location - Shootfactory


A Gallery

Tate Modern - Event Space Location - Shootfactory


A Restaurant

Restaurant - Event Space Location - Shootfactory


And before you go and say, “but they all look fabulous” remember film, TV, Photo Shoot directors look at the space quite differently than you would.

A Gym

Bailey Gym - Event Space Location - Shootfactory


A Ship

Lightship - Event Space Location - Shootfactory

Have a Church?,  great we’ll add it to the Location Library

I think you get the point, we can add any location space to our Location Library, it might just be the next big thing.

Register your Property as a Film, TV or Photo Shoot Location

YOU can register your property free of charge to be considered as a location for commercial hire. YOU will notice that all of our locations have names, the town/city in which they are located, followed by the first part of the postcode. This helps our clients work out the area in which the property is located but for security not the street or exact location.

A few key requirements for any location is that it has good-sized rooms, large enough to comfortably fit a photographic crew of around 10 – 15 people. Good natural light is a bonus and some unique and interesting features make for the perfect location. Furthermore, the decor, style of property and furniture adds to the attraction. Browse through our location library to get an idea of the range of locations we represent.

If you think that your property would be suitable as a film or photographic location then email a good selection of images with a brief description and we’ll get back to you to run through the process further.


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