What Type of Event Venue for a Product Launch

Understanding The Importance of Venue Choices for Product Launches

When looking to plan and organise a product launch, the main focus should always be on the best way to present the product being unfolded for the world to see. Like any special event, where the item is first showcased can make a significant difference in how it is received.

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Key Considerations for Locations

The venue chosen to showcase a product sets the stage for the beginning of how the world views what is being presented. Since many of product launches end up in business review magazines and are covered by the press, the presentation can be a pivotal part of how the launch is received by critics, investors and the buyers of the product. That is why the chosen event venue for any product launch is considered a major decision of significant importance.

There are several key factors that should be considered when choosing the right venue. Analysing all available venue options and their benefits before booking a location is a smart idea.

The Key Considerations for Choosing Product Launch Venues Include:

  • Atmosphere of the Venue
  • Venue Capacity
  • Location of Venue
  • Venues Tech Ability
  • Refreshment Capability at Venue

Atmosphere of the Venue:
There are a variety of different types of venues that can be used for a product launch. One of the first things that should be considered is the venue’s atmosphere. Having the right atmosphere will set the entire tone of the event and how the product is showcased. It is important to remember that if the product launch is reviewed and placed in the press, the atmosphere can be a vital consideration that effects the reception outcome.

Product launch events are designed to be the beginning of an important relationship between the company and the press. Since the product launch event coverage is deemed free press and free advertising, it can be critical to ensure the media gives the launch a positive nod. Since this event is considered the beginning of setting a product on the world stage, making sure it goes well and is well received is of particular importance. This is true even if the product is not set for global distribution.

Venue Capacity:
The capacity of the location is a critical aspect as well. Choosing a venue that ensures the site has the right space and person capacity for the expected turnout is crucial. If the space selected for the venue is too large, it will make the product seem as if it is not as attractive. However, if the turnout is dwarfed by the venue, the critics will deem the product launch with a more critical view of what may seem like a low turnout. By contrast, if the space is too small for the attendee turnout, this can be seen negatively as well.

Depending on the style and capacity, an overcrowded venue can make the planner of the event seem out of touch. To a critic analysing the event, they may say the poor planning shows early signs of potential weaknesses within the company. In addition to planning for ample attendee capacity, it is also important to ensure the venue has ample parking to facilitate the capacity of people attending. Attendees often hate having to battle for parking for such events unless it is considered a very special occasion.

Location of Venue:
Whilst this is not the biggest concern when choosing a venue; it makes a statement about consideration to attendees. It can be problematic if the venue is in a place that is difficult to find. This can deter attendee turnout.

The ease of access to the venue should be considered an important aspect in the planning of the event. Even if the venue has a problem with traffic during peak times of the day, traffic ease should be considered in the overall assessment of the site. Proper access to a venue can play a critical role in ensuring the critics, investors, and potential buyers attend the event.

Venue Tech Ability:
This is one of the details of planning that should never be overlooked. If the product launch requires tech equipment which most product launches do, the venue should offer top-grade tech capacity. If the venue does not provide the proper lighting, electrical function, and sound capability, it can make the whole presentation a potential nightmare. Lack of appropriate electrical capacity can be a very serious concern that can cause major complications with the delivery of the presentation information. Checking the venues tech capability before booking should always be considered a priority.

Refreshment Capability at the Venue:
Certainly, there are many venues that do not offer catering or refreshments on site. However, it is a standard that most venues allow for the capacity for refreshments to be served and provide some capability to handle a caterer for the event. Whilst this may seem to be a minor detail, this sometimes-overlooked concern can be the cause of major problems. Whether the venue is offering just drinks or actual food is of little concern. The product launch location should be able to properly facilitate refreshments and disposal of leftover refreshment refuse after the event.

The Importance of the Style and Atmosphere of the Venue

When looking for a great location, style of venue can speak volumes. Event locations should always be analysed based on what they can offer to boost the product launches success.

There are Nine Primary Venue Styles to Consider. The Most Widely Recognised Venues Styles are:

  • Theatre Venues
  • Open Office Venues
  • Outdoors Venues
  • Historic Venues
  • Contemporary Venues
  • Budget Venues
  • Creative Venues
  • Luxury Venues
  • Product Specific and Unusual Venues
  • Theatre Venues:
    This can be a great type of venue for certain products. The seating is already well planned, and for certain product presentations that are presented with an entertainment focus, this can work well. However, it should be noted that this can seem a bit overwhelming because it can lack proper seating assignment capacity and can be difficult for attendees to manoeuvre and mingle when they are at the event. Older theatre styles can work well for many product launches because the floor plan and seating are often more flexible, and the ambience can be quite unique.

    The great benefit to this type of venue is that they often offer the best in sound and lighting capacity. If the event is properly planned to showcase the product and seating is handled properly, this can be a wonderfully warm place for a product launch. This is especially true for magnificent older theatres. They often have both spectacular architectural ambience and cosiness if the capacity level is right. Newer theatre venues can work well if the layout and design of the theatre offers presentation benefits showcased in an entertainment-based sight and sound product presentation.

    Open Office Venues:
    When using this type of venue for a product launch, it usually features an open span space in an office building designed for this type of usage. The obvious benefit is that it can often be attached to the offices of the business that is showcasing the new product. This can be a wonderful way to ensure nothing gets lost or left out of the presentation since it is located within the company space.

    The problem with using this type of venue space is that it often lacks the creation of a special presentation appearance. These venues fall short of providing a more grandiose or special product launch atmosphere. From the standpoint of critics and investors, this venue can appear to be an understated product launch. Critics can be less than flattering in their reviews if they feel the product launch was held at an office to cut costs unless it is a startup company.

    Outdoor Venues:
    Outdoor venues can be a wonderful location for a product launch since there are a wide variety of opportunities to find great spots for this type of event. However, it is important to find an appropriate place that offers a little ambience and not just an open lawn area.

    Outside product launches can also be problematic for several reasons. It can be difficult to create the proper tech capability, and the success of the event is always subject to weather concerns. All of these should be carefully considered when looking at holding a product launch at an outside venue.

    Historic Venues:
    Venues that have a unique place in history can be a terrific venue for almost any type of product launch. The ambience that historic buildings offer is a wonderful accent. The unique architectural designs and the feeling they exude can truly bring about a wonderful classic presentation that makes a statement. Older buildings offer appreciation for history combined with a unique presentation of the “New” product in many beautiful classic older buildings.

    The concern here is that it will be critical to ensure that the attendee capacity and tech capability are adequate for the event. Many older buildings can be left unimproved for tech and electrical capacity. This should be addressed before any decision is made to hold the product launch, depending on the presentation needs. Verification of fire codes for person capacity should be verified before any major plans are solidified. The locations can be great for both high end or classic product launch presentations.

    Contemporary Venues:
    This type of space for a product launch is wonderful for showcasing anything with a modern edge. These venues are usually wide-open span spaces that accent higher ceilings and large wonderful bright natural sunlight streaming in from windows. For both a daytime or evening launch this can be an excellent choice to really offer wonderful accenting scenery and views from their windows.

    Budget Venues:
    These are very traditional venues that are equivalent to similar to hotel or conference centre rooms. They rarely offer much ambience. However, if the focus is on the brilliance of the product these and the point is to have an understated location, this can be good spaces if they are designed well and the budget is more restricted.

    Creative Venues:
    For people who want product launches at locations that offer highly unusual spaces, these can be lovely choices for a product launch. Because these spaces tend to be a bit eclectic and distinctive, they can really bring in a level of intrigue to investors. This is also a good type of venue for media representation and critics. Since the media tends to enjoy the beauty of creative trends, this is likely to be a great choice for products that are a bit unique.

    Luxury Venues:
    Luxury venues are often considered the cream of the crop for any type of presentation. The venues for this category can range from Grande Ballrooms to opulent resorts and more. Whilst some of these locations may be overstated spaces for some product launches, they are often wonderful for attracting high-end investors and consumers.

    Product Specific and Unusual Venues:
    These speciality venues are specifically geared towards the presentation of the product. Venues such as these offer product launchers the opportunity to present a place that has some type of association to the product being presented.

    In these cases, the theme of the location accents the product being launched, such as a waterside location for the product launch of an item that has to do with the water in some capacity. When a venue is chosen for its uniqueness, the product being presented is often unique as well. These can also be wonderful venues for product launchers who want to add a little pizazz to their more traditional product launch.

    Doing Research and Working with a Venue Specialist

    When looking to launch any product, doing thorough research on what each venue has to offer and how it will help showcase the product can make all the difference in how well the event is perceived. Every venue style has advantages.

    However, not all venues work well with all types of product launches. Meeting with a location company to look at all the wonderful unique options available is a smart decision. A professional venue specialist can help guide your company in the quest to find the best space for your next exciting product launch event.


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