Tips to Finding the Right Event Venue

Whether you are planning to host your own birthday or if you want to have a gathering for your family and friends, corporate event, press conference or latest product launch, finding the right event venue can be done by following a few steps along the way.

Finding the right event venue is possible by understanding the type of event you plan to have as well as by getting a bit creative during the planning process.

Finding the right Event Venue


Before you can begin comparing event venues near you it is important to review the budget you have available to host any type of gathering you have in mind. Keeping in mind the budget you have for the venue, guest services and other amenities or entertainment you plan to offer will ultimately help you to stay on track while avoiding overspending. Write a list of the maximum spending you want to allow yourself for renting the venue, hiring any additional services and any food and drinks you plan to provide to your guests. The more organised you are prior to comparing venues, the more likely you are to feel confident in your decision.

Review the Guest List

Consider the guest list you are inviting to the event you plan to host. Determine any special needs you may require as well as the location of the venue based on who you want to attend your event. The more you consider the crowd you are planning to invite the easier it will be to find a suitable location to make your event as memorable as possible.

Specific Space Needs

Whether you are only inviting 20 guests to your event or more than 100, consider the space needs you require before choosing the right venue to rent for the gathering. When you know how much space you will need based on the number of guests you have invited you can eliminate event venues that are not suitable for you. The more information you have about the type of event you want to host, the easier it becomes eliminating venues that do not meet your standards or needs for the party.

Determine a Theme or Style

Choosing a theme or a style for your event will help you when you begin to compare venues in person. Find a venue that fits with the type of look and atmosphere you have in mind, cutting down on decorating costs once you choose a rental date. Having a theme or style in mind can also help you to find a venue that includes a stage, bar and other features you have in mind that you want to provide to your attending guests.

Parking Options

If you are hosting an event outside of a large city and you have guests coming that are arriving by car, consider the parking options available from each venue before you choose the right one for your event. Ensuring your guests have parking is essential to avoid frustration or to cause confusion among them.

Features and Amenities

Consider the features and amenities each event venue has to offer before making your selection. Some venues provide free entertainment and different catering options along with the ability to hire bartenders and other services for your guests. You should also compare each venue’s capabilities to set up DJ equipment or sound systems if you plan to provide live entertainment or want a method of communicating with your guests.

Date and Time

Consider the date and time of the event you prefer before searching for the most suitable venue. Depending on the time of year you want to host an event you may need to book in advance. With enough research and an understanding of the type of event you want to host, finding the right venue to rent is possible for just about any occasion. The more information you have about the event you have in mind before comparing venues the more likely you are to be satisfied with the decision you make.


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