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SHOOTFACTORY, knows exactly what it’s like to have forty people turn up on his doorstep to film a new documentary.

To say the least it can be inconvenient. Not only do film crews need a lot of parking space but they can cause damage; however, the money truly compensates”

Daniel also works as a shoot location agent as well as location house owner. Having come at locations from both sides of the camera he knows just what a drama the business of finding the perfect one is.

SHOOTFACTORY, a well-known location agency based in London, which was has set up with a team of bookers with backgrounds in film, TV, photography and production and who also own locations themselves. SHOOTFACTORY aims to be different. It offers niche locations representing fully vetted locations situated in the UK and internationally, predominantly in Italy, Spain and France and exclusive to the agency.

Niche Shoot Locations with Shootfactory

The main philosophy of SHOOTFACTORY is to focus on building relationships with both location owners and clients, ensuring that all parties are fully briefed on every photo shoot and filming location assignment. “We have all been disillusioned by the service we have received. There’s a lack of information on both sides as to what to expect – both the film crew and the property owner are not given enough of the right information. “This is what inspired us to start our own location agency. We want to provide a value-added service. We will personally visit all properties, perhaps a couple of times if the owner is new to the business, to make sure they know what to expect and to check the suitability of the property.

We will be honest – if it is not right we’ll say so.” The location website, includes photographs and property details like the width of door frames and windows, so clients get a real idea of the space they will be working in. “It seems like a no-brainer but the agencies I have worked with provide very little information on what to expect and what’s needed to host a shoot.

We will be providing a quality service where all the sets have been personally checked by people who work in the industry.


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