A Day in The Life Of A Location Company

Behind closed doors at our Location Company, our agents are hard at work. As soon as the doors open, the phones are ringing and emails flood in.

A day in the life of a location company - Shootfactory

Location Company Day Begins

We are a team of experienced photo shoot locations and filming locations agents. We receive a mix of telephone calls and emails from clients and homeowners. Our clients often email their brief, stating the type of location house that they are interested in, where and when the photo shoot location will take place and whether there is any filming involved.

We contact our location house owners to find out if they are available for the location hire, whether they are interested in the nature of the enquiry and happy with the day rate suggested by the client. We also receive a number of telephone calls from owners who wish to register a property for filming and photo shoots. We do have a section on our website, register your property but often owners want to describe their home and have additional questions about hiring a location house.

We have to admit that not all photo shoots and filming on location go according to plan. Sometimes a team may be late arriving at the location or even finish late. We have experience problems where an owner has forgotten to leave tea and coffee for the team. It is rare that a team causes any damage but we check that they have insurance to cover all eventualities. Each location house has its unique set of house rules and directions, which we give to our clients at the time of contract. This is of great benefit to the team and helps the day to run smoothly.

It is also our responsibility as a location company to recover all monies that are due. Should the team finish late then it is at the discretion of the location house owner if they wish to charge overtime.


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