What Does a Location Agency Do?

What does a location agency do and why register with us? SHOOTFACTORY represents owners properties in the UK and overseas and liaises with clients, photographers, stylists and location managers.

What Does a Location Agency Do? - Shootfactory

Location Agency

We are selective in terms of the properties that we represent on our location library.   We ask owners to email in photographs so that we can review before we say yes or no. If we say yes, then we arrange a photographer to visit the owner’s location property.   We advise the owner to make sure it is presentable, clean and tidy and remove any personal objects from view. We ask the owner to complete a directions document, a guide to the property in terms of where furniture can be removed; any special requirements in terms of cleaning products. We issue a contract, which details the agreement between the location owner and the location agency.   It lists the payment terms, hours of hire, and responsibility of the owner in terms of honoring the job. We equally contract the client when they decide to hire the property.   We check that insurances are in place.   This also details the location fee, the hours of hire, the usage of the property and the number of people who will attend.   Moreover, as the location agency, we collect the payment and liaise before, during and after the hire to ensure a smooth transition.


If YOU are a location owner, YOU can register your property free of charge to be considered as a location for commercial hire. YOU will notice that all of our locations have names, the town/city in which they are located, followed by the first part of the postcode. This helps our clients work out the area in which the property is located but for security not the street or exact location. A few key requirements for any location is that it has good-sized rooms, large enough to comfortably fit a photographic crew of around 10 – 15 people. Good natural light is a bonus and some unique and interesting features make for the perfect location. Furthermore, the decor, style of property and furniture adds to the attraction. Browse through our location library to get an idea of the range of locations we represent. If you think that your property would be suitable as a film or photographic location then email a good selection of images with a brief description and we’ll get back to you to run through the process further.


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