Picture Perfect Elegance: Our New Stately Location for Photo Shoots and Filming

In photography and film, few things captivate the imagination, quite like a breathtaking, elegant location. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to “Picture Perfect Elegance: Our New Stately Location for Photo Shoots and Filming.” This exclusive visual experience features a trio of enchanting venues, all nestled within the idyllic Dorset countryside. Each location exudes charm, sophistication, and a rich history, ensuring that your next project will be extraordinary.

Our first stately gem, Giles House, is a testament to 17th Century architecture’s grandeur. With its stunning façade, exquisite interiors, and manicured gardens, this magnificent estate provides the perfect backdrop for any shoot, whether an elegant fashion editorial or a period drama.

The equally captivating Giles Riding House is just a stone’s throw away. This impressive equestrian property boasts a fusion of rustic and modern design elements, effortlessly providing a versatile canvas for a wide range of photographic and film projects. From its majestic stables and indoor riding arena to its charming, oak-beamed living spaces, Giles Riding House offers a unique blend of luxury and practicality.

Last but not least, we invite you to discover the enchanting allure of Giles Cottage. This delightful cottage retreat epitomises countryside charm, featuring exposed beams, cosy living spaces, and a picturesque garden. It’s the ideal setting for an intimate photo shoot, a romantic film scene, or any project requiring warmth and character.

Estate Locations:

Giles House

Location: Dorset BH21

This beautiful 17th Century family home underwent an award-winning restoration 10 years ago, bringing modern twists to the stately luxury. There are five principal rooms on the ground floor, six bedrooms on the first floor and a speakeasy bar and nightclub in the basement.

Giles House - Stately Home Location in Dorset - SHOOTFACTORY

The 5,000-acre estate location has a stone terrace, shell grotto, castellated arch, lake, sunken garden and many fields.

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Giles Riding House

Location: Dorset BH21

The uniquely restored 17th Century Riding House is a building of countryside luxury and charm. A presence of the original horse stables remains through exposed brick floors, stable gates and carefully preserved fabrics. There is a large dining room, kitchen, shoot lodge-esque lounge and eight unique bedrooms adorned with hanging fabrics and cast iron balustrades up to the mezzanine en-suites.

Giles Riding House - Stately Home Location in Dorset - SHOOTFACTORY

The building has two levels – the ground floor consists of the entrance lobby, dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms, while the other six bedrooms and lounge are on the first floor.

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Giles Cottage

Location: Dorset BH21

Set in the grounds of a stunning country estate, this location was previously a grooms’ cottages and has been refurbished into two maisonette with an equestrian theme, true to their historic purpose.

Giles Cottage - Stately Home Location in Dorset - SHOOTFACTORY

Both cottages have their own separate entrances with compact lounge, rustic kitchen, two bedrooms with king-sized beds and freestanding copper baths and step-in showers.

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