The Greedy Model VIP Supper Club on Location

The Greedy Model recently hosted a VIP supper club event at our Noto location in London.

The Greedy Model is a vibrant and engaging Instagram foodie account created by Emma Lou Connolly. Celebrated for its “good mood food” theme, the account showcases Emma’s deep passion for culinary arts, featuring a wide array of delectable recipes ranging from sweet treats to savoury delights.

The Greedy Model VIP Supper Club on Location - Shootfactory

Emma’s expertise in the kitchen is evident through the sumptuous and visually appealing dishes she shares on her feed. The account stands out not just for its enticing food photography but also for its educational aspect. Emma provides her followers with detailed videos and step-by-step tutorials, making it easy for fans to recreate her recipes at home. Whether you’re looking for some culinary inspiration or enjoy browsing through mouth-watering food imagery, The Greedy Model is a go-to source for creative and easy-to-follow meal ideas.

@roden (photographer)
@ivoryhillfloral (decorations)


Supper Club Location


Location: London, NW2

Victorian, semi detached 5 bedroom house with feature courtyard garden with lots of antiques and interesting objects throughout the location property.

Noto - Location for The Greedy Model Supper Club - Shootfactory

Ground floor: black and white tiled hallway, wide staircase, under stairs storage and waxed black walls in the WC, large double arched doors leading to 2 separate living rooms. Open plan living room/dining room leading into a large kitchen with marble and bluestone worktops and limestone brick flooring. The kitchen opens onto an unusual orangery with large bronze arched doors / windows on 3 sides.

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