Harrods Shoot “Weekend Getaway” on Location in Kent

Harrods shoot “Weekend Getaway” on location at our “HYTHE FARM” location house in Kent.

London-based blogger Quyen Mike knows exactly how to nail his outdoor style…

“No matter where you’re off to, it’s nice to have a variety of options,”

Vietnam-born, London-based blogger Q Mike, ticking all the boxes with a Solid Homme overcoat, tailored trousers and Gucci monk shoes for browsing countryside estates and graphic knitwear and sneakers to take to the outdoors. La Mer is counted on for skincare, whatever the pursuit.

#HeWhoTravels #HarrodsMan

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On Location




Fashion Shoot Location

Name: Hythe Farm

Location: Kent, CT21

Harrods - Shootfactory - locationhouse 7

An 18th century derelict barn has been given a complete remodel to create an outstanding home away from the city.

This barn conversion featuring mechanically operated doors and a staircase that wraps around a chimney, this beautiful home is a million miles away from it’s previous days as a threshing barn.

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