Photo Shoot Location for Agent Provocateur

Check-in to Motel Amour and spend the night with Agent Provocateur.

Agent Provocateur photo shoot at our London location house, Mastershipwrights.


Agent Provocateur photo shoot location house in London


Agent Provocateur

Founded in 1994, Agent Provocateur has become an iconic globally recognised brand, rightfully earning its place as a benchmark brand in the world of lingerie.

The brand is confident, sensual and irreverent. Known for their craftmanship, fit, the use of beautiful fabrics and of course it’s playfulness. Agent Provocateur’s unique brand image is renowned for being provocative and yet always leaves something to the imagination.


Photo Shoot Location


Location: London, SE8

The shoot location is a huge rambling house near greenwich. Large rooms with interesting decor and props. Wonderful pieces of antique furniture. Exposed plaster walls.

Agent provocateur photo shoot location in London

Large industrial kitchen. Stone floors, large staircases. Extensive grounds with river views, parking on driveway for up to 8 cars.

One the side of the river with great views, great outside space, and quirky wood built structure.

View Location House


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