Designer Photo Shoot & Film Location by Danielle Moudaber

There is nothing ordinary about this photo shoot location in South Kensington with an eclectic mix of styles ranging from Modern to Classic, Baroque to Rococo and Art Deco, Minimal to Greco-Roman .

The designer behind this is magnificent shoot location, is non other then Daneille Moudaber.


Location: London, SW7


Designer Photo Shoot Location


Design by Danielle Moudaber

With a truly multicultural background and having a wealth of design influences to draw from, Danielle Moudaber has a fascinating, world inspired design style. Born in 1969 to parents of Lebanese descent in Nigeria, she was raised whilst traveling to many places including Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. With so many interesting cultural surroundings and early influences to shape her design tastes, her unique personality and preferences were formed at a young age.

Kensington Photo Shoot Location


Those who know Danielle Moudaber best have described her using words like dynamic, tireless, enterprising, compassionate, thoughtful and amiable. Her design style has been described with words like nonconforming, quirky, unconventional and whimsical. She has said that her most profound influences range from Tony Duquette to Valerian Rybar and even to Dorothy Draper, the American designer famous for creating the baroque style.

Even with all these influences, Danielle Moudaber likes to create her own, original style and she fashions design groupings that turn out to be completely her own. She tends to not follow traditional rules when it comes to design elements used, and instead injects personality and unique taste into her interior designs. One thing that sets Danielle Moudaber apart is that the designs she creates often have wide appeal.

Art Deco Photo Shoot Location


Danielle Moudaber works out of various places today, including Paris, Sao Paolo, Lagos, London and Beirut. Always adaptable and ever creative, Danielle takes into account specialized regional preferences like furnishings placed in the middle of rooms in England, whilst the French prefer furnishings outlining the room. Then, she adds her own dash of design flair and panache to create a design scheme that is truly original. Since studying such topics as photography and journalism in her native Beirut before she moved to Europe, creative subjects have always been a passion of Danielle’s. She draws inspiration from other creative types and from the cultural influences of the places she has lived and travelled. She has mastered the art of being able to truly listen to her clients and is able to fashion the exact design of their dreams.


Danielle Moudaber’s designs are known for drawing an emotional response from those who first discover her work. She is known for never doing the same thing twice. This contemporary, expressive approach blended with attention to detail has worked exceptionally well for Danielle Moudaber.  

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