Fairfax & Favor Lifestyle Photo Shoot on Location in London

Fairfax and Favor recent lifestyle photo shoot at our ‘Lordship’ location house in London.

Fairfax & Favor was established by childhood friends in 2013 and they have been trying to redefine the term quintessential ever since. Fairfax and Favor pride themselves on craftsmanship, innovation, commitment and their ability to create timeless investments that will make you smile today, tomorrow and years from now. But the secret to Fairfax & Favor is adventure. Fairfax and Favor are a brand built on friendships and very British-qualities; going from rural Norfolk to the mountains of Spain in search of premium quality and the finest details possible.



It is the reason they have been able to create quality footwear that will surpass your every expectation no matter the occasion. Their shoes, boots and bags don’t just bridge the gap between casual and formal, or the countryside and the city, they bridge the gap between style and adventure.



Location House Used

Lordship Park is no longer available for shoots.

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